What is LAP?

Buying a home is one of the most crucial decisions a person can make in his/her lifetime. There are so many factors to consider in a home. Questions like the area where it is located, the social infrastructure around the place, the amenities that it offers, the security that it promises and so many others. But the most important of all is the question “how much space do you actually get to live in for the price that you are paying”

How can a person actually determine whether the price of the house per sq. ft. they are buying is reasonable?

This is where LAP or 'Liveable Area Price' comes in.
A house is comprised of the Living room, bedrooms, kitchen, toilets, corridors, passages, verandahs and decks. However, there are many areas in a home that you do not physically live in! These are the passageways, corridors, decks and verandahs. This means that Liveable Area will comprise of the area of the Hall, Bedrooms, Kitchen, etc but will not consider the passage space in the lobby, or any deck. Thus price per square feet of this Liveable Area is the Liveable Area Price or LAP. Home designs that try and reduce these spaces allow for more liveable area to be available in your homes and hence a lower LAP. So in a home that is LAP efficient, a buyer ends up paying for the space he/she is going to Live In and not for space that is wasted because a LAP efficient home will have minimum space wastage. So, the next time you or someone you know is thinking of buying a house, tell them all about LAP.

Why LAP is Important?

To Us?

LAP is the idea that has sparked a design revolution in Nirmal. After a lot of deliberation and multiple rounds of reworking, we have been able to come up with a design philosophy that dictates the availability of maximum liveable area within any given size of our homes in the projects that we are making. So however small the overall area of our homes may sound, they are supposed to provide the customer with the maximum liveable area.
So our LAP efficient homes will make a big difference in the lives of people by allowing them to pay only for the space they are going to utilize or live in.

To the Customer?

Usually 10%-15% of the Carpet Area is wasted in passages, corridors, decks etc. in most homes and hence Liveable Area left for the customer is about 85%-90% of the Carpet Area. But the buyer still ends up paying for this wastage area of 10%- 15% even though he or she cannot use practically.
At Nirmal we have tried to make this wastage area minimal by eliminating or minimizing passages, corridors etc. and tried to make the Liveable and Carpet Areas equal, thus ensuring you more useable space per unit amount spent by you.

Why LAP saves money for you?

Take for example; if the Carpet Area of a large 2bhk apartment is 700 sq. ft., you are paying the price of the house as per this size. Let’s say the per square feet carpet area price is Rs. 20,000.

So the total cost of the house will be Rs.1.4 Crs.

In a usual home of this size, about 70 sq. ft. from this area is wasted as it is not really accessible or liveable. This would be the passage from the living room to the bedroom (7ft x 3 ft =21sqr. Feet), the decks in the living room (4 ft x 5 ft = 20 sqr feet) and bedrooms (4 ft x 6 ft = 24 sqr feet), the small niche at the entrance door (5ft x 1 ft = 5ft).

To find out the Actual Liveable area in this house, we have to deduct the wastage area from the Carpet Area. So the liveable area would be 700 - 70 = 630 sq. ft.

If the buyer were to buy a home that did not have this wastage space at the same rate that he paid for this house, he would have saved nearly 14 lacs on the total price of the house.

Just think of all the ways you can enjoy the money you save, but only when you pay for a LAP efficient home.

Without efficient LAP, you are paying an excess of Rs 14 lacs in the total price. With efficient LAP, you are enjoying a vacation in Mauritius with your family. With efficient LAP, you are on a Tour of India in your new sedan. With efficient LAP, you are multiplying the 14 Lacs in a bank at 9% interest rates. With efficient LAP, you are enjoying life to the fullest in your dream home without the actual stress of continuous payments.


Project Configuration Carpet
Liveable space
Excess Cost because
of wastage(Rs)
Excess EMI
per month
EMI Tenure (yrs)
instead of 20 yrs
if booked with Nirmal
Project1 2 BHK small 734 54.18 679.82 1153628 Rs.11500 per month for 20 yrs 22989 18
2 BHK large 688 54.18 633.82 1153628 Rs.11500 per month for 20 yrs 23113 18
Project2 2 BHK small 665 44 621 936870 Rs.9300 per month for 20 yrs 22801 18
2 BHK large 910 76 834 1618230 Rs.16000 per month for 20 yrs 23233 18
Project3 2 BHK small 830 73 757 1554353 Rs.15500 per month for 20 yrs 23346 18
2 BHK large 894 89 805 1895033 Rs.19000 per month for 20 yrs 23647 18